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LT123 and LiMETOOLS have formed a joint team to enable a novel and complementary approach to designing, building and delivering online interactive learning that engages and sticks in the mind of the learner.

This new approach builds on the strengths of both LT123 and LiMETOOLS, in the first case a major international competence in language learning and testing and in the latter organisation a new integrated approach to online learning that focuses on facilitating behaviour change, as a means of building competence.

The team are using a spectrum of learning techniques and skills, such as scripting and filming dramatised storytelling, to show how the drama of our daily lives and the way we use language reflects underlying positive and negative behaviour.

We are exploring how interactive learning can be designed to be fun, while raising retention of knowledge; and how the scored results can be measured using a Learning Management System to enable direct real-time feedback to the learner.

We are also investigating the potential to use these systems to aggregate and report scores to show learning managers patterns of learning across groups of interest to them.

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